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Hillcart packaging

Rigid Box

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Black & White Hipster

The brand was launching Whiskey in a new hip-flask format – the idea was to position whiskey as a more hip option for younger consumers also rather than its usual demographic. The idea was to make premium scotch portable and easy to share for millennials. This called for a very contemporary, sharp-looking packaging format.

Terracotta by Himmat Shah

This large-sized (12” x 12”) unique art book has many pages which have textured UV varnish on the art pieces which gives them the feel of terracotta. Another unique feature is an open-bound spine, and with the name formed on the spine from thin slivers printed exactly on the folding edge.

The Hillcart Tales

This package for premium tea is hexagonal in shape. Apart from its unconventional shape, it also employs a flower-like interlocking pattern to open and close the carton. Apart from this, the fine foiling with embossing of the logo imparts a premium look to the pack.

Spinz Brightening & Beauty

The first thing one notices about this pack is the glossy red foil, and the surrounding high-matte pastel pink.

ITC Engage

The brief from the customer for this pack was that it has to stand out in the shelf and also that it has to deter counterfeiting

Byjus K3 Box

This box is for an educational / gaming system designed for children from the first to 4th grade.


This project consists of multiple SKUs of perfume. The structure is a tall three-piece box – the lid and the base are flush with each other, with the neck in the center.

Anything but Ordinary

Anything but Ordinary celebrates 50th anniversary of The Park Hotels. This hard case book contains multiple papers –coated, textured and uncoated as well as tracing papers. The use of a fluorescent orange throughout the book connects the different parts.